Ice Cream with a Healing Twist

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By Enjonai Jenkins

People are putting CBD on everything. From gummies and candies to decadent cakes, CBD has been added for a boost of its numerous benefits. CBD can also enhance the existing benefits of the food or beverage in which it is added.

Coffee with CBD added, for example, gives all the energy and antioxidants from the beverage without the normal jitters that some experience. Tea with CBD works alongside the benefits of the type of tea consumed. For instance, chamomile tea is known to relieve stress, reduce insomnia, aid in digestion and boost immune systems. CBD provides those benefits with an extra boost by delivering the same relieving properties plus more!

The same can be said for CBD ice cream.

Patients suffering from chronic illnesses, such as cancer, HIV, multiple sclerosis, and crohn’s disease who experience the effects of cachexia, anorexia, and malnutrition would benefit the most from this tasty treat. While other nutritional supplements with high fat and high protein ingredients taste horribly, CBD ice cream delivers the healing benefits while providing the levels of fat and protein needed to maintain a healthy nutritional status.

While non-dairy versions of ice cream cannot assist in weight gain, the benefits of CBD are still active. Not only is there evidence that cannabinoids can reduce tumor growth and increase the potency of drugs used to treat cancer, it can also help manage symptoms of the disease. Chemotherapy treatment can result in dysgeusia – an altered or impaired sense of taste. Fortunately the ice cream can provide a delicious and comforting treat – stimulating taste buds, while the CBD works on regenerating damaged cells and providing relief for chemotherapy-induced neuropathic pain.

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